Welcome! DuBois Business College has a proud 125 year tradition of excellent education. We've helped thousands of students launch successful careers, and, if you're visiting our site, you may be interested in becoming a student. If so, we invite you to visit one of our campuses in DuBois, Huntingdon, or Oil City, PA. You may simply stop by or call for an appointment. It's best if you schedule a time in advance so we can be sure to have an admissions representative ready to answer all your questions and give you a tour. Bring your parents, friends or significant others; you're even welcome to sit in on some classes.     
You'll find that DuBois Business College is a friendly and welcoming place. Unlike some large 4-year universities, our campuses are small and personal. DBC instructors know their students by name, and the focus is on helping students master all of the material they will need to succeed in their chosen field. We are proud of our graduates, and you can hear what some of them have to say firsthand on our testimonials page. 
A DBC education is an excellent value because you can graduate in as little as 18 months and get started on your career. We say you can touch your future faster at DBC.  We have classes year-round, divided into four quarters, with breaks in between each quarter. You can enroll and start classes in January, April, July, or October. Fridays are typically free, and our students appreciate the convenience of three day weekends. 
We offer degree and diploma programs in a variety of professional fields, from business administration and computer technology to clinical medical and legal specialty. This web site gives you lots of info about each major. Make no mistake; college level classes can be difficult. It requires commitment on your part to succeed, but we're here to help you every step of the way. It's definitely worth the effort.
Welcome to DuBois Business College. We look forward to meeting you.

Come see us SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11! It's Open House at all DBC Locations!

We hope you'll stop by to see us Saturday, October 11. It's Open House at all DBC locations. Come anytime between 10 AM and 2 PM at our main Campus in DuBois, in Oil City, Huntingdon and at our newest location in Philipsburg. Bring a friend or another grad, a parent or your kids and show them what's here at DBC. Take a tour, munch on a veggie, talk to a grad. It's a great time to socialize and to get info about our degree and diploma programs. Everyone is welcome. Instructors, staff, students and admission counselors will be on hand. Hope to see you!

Courier Express Article about DBC Movie Making Students

An article recently appeared in a Sunday edition of The Courier Express about two of our Movie Making students, Vincent Barnard and Craig Inzana. We thought you might find this interesting, and so we are reprinting it here. The article was written by Joy Norwood for the Courier Express.

DuBOIS -- When one thinks of the City of DuBois, thoughts may include the fact that it's a growing retail center or its hosting two colleges or even its history of lumber, but rarely would anyone think of it as a film making hub.

Information Sessions Announced for Our New Philipsburg Location

The remodeling work at DBC's new Philipsburg location is progressing amazingly fast. First hammers and nails, then paint brushes and new carpet, now we've moving in furniture. Our new location is going to be very comfortable and very convenient. We're close by at 200 Shady Lane in Philipsburg. We invite you to come see DBC Philipsburg for yourself. We are having Information Sessions at our new Philipsburg location on these dates:

Register now for Digital Photography Workshop at our Main Campus

Calling all amateur photogs! Learn more about Digital Photography in this Saturday morning workshop with our gifted and experienced instructor, Ryan Haggerty. You'll explore how best to edit and share your photographs, how to manage your files and archive your work. Register now by calling Debbie at our main campus (814) 375-0142. Cost is $50. Registration deadline is Monday, April 11. Hope to see you there!

DBC Pres Honored in Prestigious 2013 List of Women Making a Difference

Jackie Syktich, president of DuBois Business College, has been named to PA Business Central's third annual listing of Women Making a Difference. Under Jackie's leadership, DuBois Business College made the transition from a private family-owned school to a college owned and managed by a consortium of caring and concerned DBC instructors and administrators.

DBC Staff Participates in Tough Mudder Event to Benefit Wounded Warrior Project

Ericka and BradFour employees of DBC traveled to Pittsburgh for this region's Tough Mudder Event. DBC staffers Rachel, Ericka and Brad joined hundreds of physically fit participants from all over the US in attempting to conquer Pittsburgh's innovative Tough Mudder obstacle course.

DBC Celebrates 128th Commencement with Keynote Speaker Congressman Glenn "GT" Thompson

More than 600 guests attended DBC's July commencement ceremonies and celebrated the success of over 60 new DBC graduates. The 2013 commencement marked 128 years of quality education for DBC, which is one of the nation's oldest and most respected Business Colleges.


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